Our Knowledge is Your Power

We Help Families Understand, Apply, and Make Informed Decisions About the Medicaid Process


Long Term Care Medicaid Services

We are an affordable, full-service Medicaid processing organization helping families through the Medicaid application process. Being in this industry for years and former Medicaid caseworkers, we understand how to apply for Medicaid approval.


Why Medicaid

We know how you feel when your family members or loved ones are not how they used to be. Nursing home, assisted living or community homecare maybe the answer and Medicaid may be the way to make it affordable. At SeniorCaid, we educate you and your family members on the complexity of Medicaid and the eligibility process.


How We Help

Here at SeniorCaid we have developed a process that gives you the upper hand for Medicaid approval. Our processes include the following:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Assistance with gathering information and
  • Representation